Web Resources

– Education for Liberation Network: http://www.edliberation.org/

-Encyclopedia of Informal Education: http://www.infed.org/

– Zinn Education Project: http://zinnedproject.org/

– Rethinking Schools: http://www.rethinkingschools.org/index.shtml

– Democratic Education: http://democraticeducation.com/

– Highlander Research & Education Center: http://www.highlandercenter.org/

– Boggs Education Center (Detroit, MI): http://boggseducationalcenter.org

– Radical Teacher: http://www.radicalteacher.org/

– Teachers for Social Justice: http://www.t4sj.org/

– Caucus of Rank & File Educators (CORE – Chicago Teachers Union): http://coreteachers.com/

– Defend Public Education: http://www.defendpubliceducation.org/

Youth Community Organizing:

– Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing: http://www.fcyo.org/

– SOUL School of Unity & Liberation (Oakland, CA): http://www.schoolofunityandliberation.org/

– Project South Youth Community Action Program (SE U.S.)- http://www.projectsouth.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=33&Itemid=16

– Center for Teen Empowerment (Boston, MA): http://www.teenempowerment.org/index.html


– El Puente Academy for Peace & Justice (Brooklyn, NY): http://elpuente.us/academy/index.htm

– Upland Hills School (Michigan)- http://www.uplandhills.org/NewSite/

– El Colegio Charter School (Minneapolis): http://www.el-colegio.org/english/index.htm

– Open World Learning Community (St. Paul): http://open.spps.org/

– Rensizzle @ Renaissance Charter School (Bronx, NY): http://rensizzle.wikispaces.com/

Minnesota campaigns/orgs:

– Public Education Justice Alliance of Minnesota (PEJAM): http://pejamn.blogspot.com/


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